Metal fabrication and assembly of a consumer banking component

Group Sheetmetal Fabrication
Min. Order 2 piece
Terms of Payment Western Union, T/T, Paypal
Update Time 2019-03-13

Project Description

Consumer banking component

Capabilities Applied/Processes

Primary:Metal fabrication Secondary: Assembly

Equipment Used to manufacture part

Laser,Turret Punch,Press brake,Hardware insertion,Spot welding,Weld grind&polish,Mechanical brush

Standards Met

Customer Requirements

Tightest Tolerances


Material used

Cold Rolled Steel,Aluminum galvanized

Material finish

ZUNC&Clear plate,Paint,Anodize

Industry for use


In process testing/Inspection performed

Laser scan flat blanks,All piece parts first article inspection,Final inspection upon completion


At TZR Sheetmetal company our6 years of experience gives us the ingenuity to uncover the most successfulmethods for fabricating sheet metal assemblies. The complex componenthighlighted here is used in a consumer banking application. Based on the finalpart requirements, our designers weighed out all the options and developed asmart fabrication strategy that simplified manufacturing, improved quality, andreduced the overall production costs.


Withour comprehensive fabrication and inspection capabilities, we designed andbuilt this workpiece entirely in-house. Constructed from cold rolled steel andgalvanized aluminum parts, it consisted of 50 individual components combinedinto several sub-assemblies that make up the final put-together unit. Ourintegrated sheet metal production systems allowed us to operate with accuracyand efficiency while maximizing material utilization and minimizing productionand assembly steps.


Productioninvolved many of our fabrication capabilities, including laser cutting,bending, and punching. Some of the pieces we connected by spot welding whileother parts of the assembly required hardware insertion. All of the spot weldswere ground and polished to give a seamless appearance. We also applied variousfinishes, including zinc plating, anodizing, and painting.