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Update Time 2019-03-14


Place of Origin:  Dongguan, China (Mainland)

Model Number:   OEM

Product name:  OEM Sheet metal fabrication products/ Galvanized steel stamping parts

Material:    Steel,stainless steel ,galvanized steel ,aluminum

Process:   laser cutting,bending,welding

Surface treatment:  Painting

Size:   Client's Drawings

Service:   Customized OEM

Application:  Machine Parts

Technology: 6 Years Experience

Thickness:  0.5mm~ 16.0mm

Certificate: ISO9001:2008


To put it simply, it is when a machine uses a mold to create metal shapes. Steel, brass, and aluminum are some of the most common metals used. The process of stamping can look different depending on what is being made, but shapes are usually made of sheet metal, put on a stamping die and placed in a stamping press.

Industries ranging from Farming to use the services of a metal stamping company, and yes, even the device you’re reading this on is probably a product of a metal stamping machine.

Metal stamping is a precise science that requires extensive training and a practical knowledge of physics. There is little room for mistake in this type of service so it’s important to find a company that takes their work seriously. Otherwise, you might be looking at a defective product.


The services of the metal stamping industry are not only beneficial to top industry leaders but also small businesses that are looking for quality and consistency. It’s a practice that is continually improving, becoming more precise, and effective for clients.

As widespread as it is, and as important it is to the functionality of everyday life, it is of the utmost importance that companies learn about the process of metal stamping and allow themselves to seriously consider the stamping companies they employ.

Feel free to contact us at Frontier  Metal Stamping to find out if our metal stamping services could be helpful to build the quality and reputation of your company.

Gerenal function:

1. Progressive die metal stamping is based on the continuous feed of material through the different die stations of a tool.  The nature of the process allows you to create more parts in a shorter period of time when compared with traditional fabrication or machining.  For high volume parts, progressive stamping provides the lowest cycle times per part.

2.  Progressive stamping is a metalworking method that can encompass punching, coining, bending and several other ways of modifying metal to produce your desired end part shape. The vast majority of material is used, hence, less scrap is produced. Progressive Die Metal Stamping may provide the most cost effective material option for manufacturing your parts.