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2.High Quality & Precision

3.Competitive Price

4.Large Quantity Production Capacity

5.Short Delivery Time

6.RoHS Compliant

7.Optional Materials:Aluminum,Brass,Stainless Steel etc

8.Specification Is Customized

9.LOGO Can Be Customized

10.Processing Type:Metal Stamping Bending Parts,Metal Stamping Drawing Parts,Metal Stamping Parts


Metal Stamping is a process that use dies to transform flat metal sheets into shapes. Odds are you have a product in your home that has parts created through metal stamping because it is a process used in everything from your household appliances to automotive industries. This process is used for producing parts for large machinery, but the metal sheets can also be molded into shapes for household items like pots and pans.


Many industries require that produce complex components may benefit from intricate precision metal stamping. Some products routinely fabricated with the help of complex precision stamping techniques include:

• Automotive engines

• Aircraft components

• Machine gears

• Complex electronics

• Telecommunication products


1.When compared to traditional fabrication or machining, the setup time may be much less for the progressive stamping process.What is achieved in multiple Setups and processes during traditional fabrication and machining. may be performed in one operation if Progressive Die Stamping is utilized. This reduction in Setup and processing will result in a more cost effective piece part.

2. Progressive Die Metal Stamping allows you to create parts with many geometries within a single tool. This video shows a single part progressing through a die. All required geometries of the part are achieved in one Progressive Die operation.